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“Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.

Albert Einstein

The OnlyDOTs in a glance
• Minimalism – only a dot
• Once seen, never forget
• Simple and attractive
• Handmade NFT artworks
• Every dot tells a story
• Limited availability
• Ready for Metaverse!

“You might forget the other NFTs you saw today, but you’ll never forget the OnlyDOTs! In a couple of years, these will be the true collectibles.”

We are ready for the Metaverse! The first Metaverse VR versions will be simple (Wii-like games) and the first true art you will experience in the Metaverse will be the OnlyDOT NFT’s and similar simple art pieces! Get yours now.

Each artwork has been carefully designed with time and thought. We’ll hope you’ll enjoy them.

Get your own OnlyDOT NFT artwork and start building the brand with us.

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DOT Collection

by Mickey Love (2021)

The DOT Collection will include 24 different artworks. There are currently two NFT editions available: The Golden edition (A) that contains only one-of-a-kind (ERC-1155) artwork with a golden signature and the Silver edition that contains 20 copies (ERC-1155) of the same artwork with a silver signature.
(Please note: Metamask Wallet is not yet compatible to show ERC-1155 NFTs, but ERC-1155 NFTs are stored there correctly. Metamask has announced that there will be full support for ERC-1155 NFT’s at Q4/2021).

On one magical evening in autumn 2021, I was having a walk with my 4 yo springer spaniel. It was dark outside, but weather was clear and a bit chilly. After a 20 minute walk in a nearby forest, I arrived on the edge of a field.

The view was simple but stoppable. The full moon was shining bright as the nature was getting ready to sleep. You could literally hear your own thoughts in the surrounding silence.

So, I sat down on a nearby rock with the dog. And as I enjoyed the moment, I began to think about how a simple dot in the sky could create this magical atmosphere and make all the difference.

I head back to my home studio and drew the very first sketch of the first dot. It took five days to simplify it as much possible. And I tried to simplify it just enough, so it’s not too simple, but still captures the moment and makes your mind wonder.

When I was ready, I knew that I had created something special. Minimal, simple, but yet stoppable art. Just like Einstein would have wanted: “As simple as possible. But not simplier.”

I’ll hope that you’ll find my art intriguing.

– Mickey Love, artist

See the DOT collection on NFT marketplace by clicking HERE!


OnlyDOT #ID00001EA

The very first OnlyDOT by Mickey Love. Simple, attractive and it you stare it for a bit, you can land in your own dream-world and feel the moment by yourself.